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Follow along on my journey to walk from my home in East Atlanta, to my childhood home, 57 miles north. 

Tell me more!

I'm turning 30, I should do something...unusual... big... doable, but challenging... but what? I know, walk from my house to my parents house, the  house I lived in for most of my 30 years. And mission Ashlyn's Big Walk was born!

It will take place over 4 days - March 17-20. Legs will be:

  • East Atlanta to Buckhead - 9.8 miles

  • Buckhead to Roswell - 19.2 miles

  • Roswell to Alpharetta - 11 miles

  • Alpharetta to Lummus Rd. - 16.8 miles

I would love to see friends - old and new - along the way! If you can take a break out of your day to even walk half a mile with us - I would love to see you! My dad will be joining me for the entire length of the trip! 

We will be heavily relying on multiple urban trails including the Atlanta Beltline, Power's Ferry Pedestrian Path, Lower Roswell Trail, Roswell Riverwalk, and the Big Creek Greenway. 

Okay, but why?

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